District One Foundation

Carrollton, IL 62016
Fax: 217-942-9259

Dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities
for all students in the
Carrollton Community Unit School District,
Carrollton Illinois

Who We Are
The District One Foundation was chartered in 1994. It is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit foundation chartered by the State of Illinois. The DO is a Section 501c (3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible under section 4942 of the Internal Revenue Service code. The Federal Employer ID number is 37-1314937.

Funds are raised through donations, grants, memorial bequests and various other charitable activities. The Trustees welcome your time and help with DOF sponsored projects and any contributions or gifts.

Our Goals
The foundation is dedicated to enhancing the educational opportunities for all students in the Carrollton school district. The Trustees plan to continue to promote and support the academic programs of the school district and to sponsor additional scholarships for deserving graduates.

What We Have Done

  • Funded a farm safety program through the Clyde Hembrough Charitable Trust for Greenfield and Carrollton Vocational Agricultural students.
  • Established an elementary K-4 Early Bird tutoring program.
  • Procured a grant from Pfizer for the high school science program.
  • Acquired funding to purchase science equipment to study genetics, to make classroom science kits and provide materials for Special Education classrooms.
  • Assisted with tuition grants to seniors who participated in special career training at Lewis and Clark Community College.
  • Assisted with tuition grants to students enrolled in educational summer camps.
  • Supported Carrollton Teachers with DOF Enhancement Grants.

What We Are Currently Doing

  • Funding scholarships to seniors graduating from Carrollton High School, ranging from one scholarship totaling $1,000 in 1994 to 68 scholarships totaling $50,630 in 2017. Since 1994, DOF has funded scholarships totaling $576,792.
  • Sponsoring summer STEM camps as well as educational summer camps for elementary students from Carrollton, St. John’s-Carrollton and Greenfield (for the fourteenth year) funded in part with support from the Clyde Hembrough Charitable Trust.
  • Sponsoring the Weekend Food Program which distributes take-home meals to students each Friday. Currently 55 students benefit from this program.

How to Contribute
Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship may contact one of the trustees or call the Superintendent’s office at 217-942-5314. The Foundation’s committee for scholarship selection is available to assist individuals and organizations in selecting scholarship recipients. All awards are made without regard to age, disability, race, sex, creed or nationality.

Anyone interested in making a contribution to the Foundation may fill out the attached form and send it to the address at the top of this page.

Our Current Donors
Becky Adcock Memorial
Bill & Becky Bandy Memorial
Jerry Carmody Memorial
Melvin Carter Wheeler/ CHS Class of 1967 Memorial
Carrollton HS - 50 Year Class
Carrollton Lions Club
CHS, Inc.
Emma Lou Carter Memorial
District One Foundation
Stanley Frech Memorial Trust
Mary E. Harland Scholarship
Hawk Pride Scholarship
Hires Family Scholarship
Thomas W. Hough Scholarship
Hough Family Scholarship
Alfred H. and Ruth Johnson Memorial
Mike Kiger Memorial Scholarship
Elby & Bonnie King Memorial Scholarship
Dr. William D. Lewellen Memorial Scholarship
Dick Mehrhoff Scholarship
Guy and June Petty Memorial
Pohlman Family Scholarship
Donna Reichmann Scholarship
Scott Jeffrey Shafer Memorial Scholarship
Ronald E. Steinacher Music Education Scholarship
Nina Weber Memorial Scholarship

Our Trustees
Officers and trustees serve on a voluntary basis. All funds are used to benefit students.

Tina Carter Gordon Rahe
Diane DeShasier Kathy Schnettgoecke
Leona Freand  Amy Struble
Larry Gillingham
Anne Sturgeon
Rick Hires
Bob Walker
Suzanne Hough
Jenny Walker
Travis Klingler  Tammy Weber
Linda Lake
Cindy Willenburg
Lisa Meisenheimer
Lynette Williams

District One Foundation Scholarships 2019

Mike Kiger Memorial Scholarship
    Hannah Krumwiede


Jerry Carmody Memorial Scholarship
    Marley Mullink
    Gabriela Gonzalez 
    Grace Sturgeon


Nina Weber Memorial Scholarship
    Katie Heath


CHS Scholarship
    Alexis Carroll


The David Stendeback Scholarships 
    Grace Cox
    Nathan Walker
    Alexis Carroll


Guy and June Petty Memorial Scholarship
    Katie Heath


The Hires Family Scholarship (Dedicated to May Finity) 
    Ashley McPherson


Hawk Pride Scholarship
    Nathan Walker
    Marley Mullink


Stanley H. Carter Memorial Scholarship
    Brendon Steinacher 
    Macey Smith


Emma Lou Carter Memorial Scholarship
    Allyse Bland


Melvin Carter Wheeler/ Class of 67 Memorial Scholarship
    Breden Custer 


Scott Jeffrey Shafer Memorial Scholarship
    Grace Sturgeon 
    Curtis Lake


50 Year Class Scholarship
    Savannah Watts


Dr. William D. Lewellen  Scholarship 
    Katie Heath


Elby and Bonnie King Scholarship 
    Sydney Petry 


Thomas Hough Scholarship 
    Hannah Cox

Tracey Schmidt, Agt., Country Financial Scholarship
    Holly Schnettgoecke 


American Legion Auxiliary, Eldred Post #1135
    Hanna Schnelten 


Eldred American Legion, Post #1135
    Brett Lehr


Donna Riechmann Scholarship
    Kaitlyn Gray


Carrollton Lions Club Scholarship
    Christie Settles


Knights of Columbus Scholarship
    Curtis Lake


Becky Adcock Memorial Scholarship
    Allyse Bland


Richard and Florence Mehrhoff Scholarship
    Zach Flowers


Jim R. Pohlman Memorial Scholarship
    Brett Lehr


 Mary E. Harland Scholarships
    Gabriela Gonzalez
    Christie Settles
    Kaitlyn Gray 
    Breden Custer
    Allyse Bland
    Savannah Watts
    Curtis Lake
    Macey Smith
    Brett Lehr
    Brendon Steinacher
    Hannah Cox
    Alexis Carroll 


District One Foundation Scholarships 
    Breden Custer
    Allyse Bland
    Isaac Cox
    Byron Holmes
    Zach Flowers
    Jacob Decker
    Gabe Jones
    Delaney Settles 
    Katelun DeOrnelas  


Illinois Electric Cooperative Scholarship
    Isaac Cox
    Byron Holmes

Scholarship Grants

1994 - $ 1,000
1995 - $ 1,250
1996 - $ 7,250
1997 - $10,250
1998 - $10,250
1999 - $10,250
2000 - $15,100
2001 - $19,355
2002 - $17,455
2003 - $26,750
2004 - $26,650
2005 - $25,437
2006 - $26,105
2007 - $27,832
2008 - $27,534
2009 - $29,570
2010 - $34,491
2011 - $37,078
2012 - $36,700
2013 - $32,310
2014 - $30,843
2015 - $36,050
2016 - $37,085
2017 - $50,630
2018 - $46,450
2019 - $46,750


District One Foundation for Quality Education Donor Form

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